Flo-Farm Commercial
Flo-Farm Commercial
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Flo-Farm Commercial

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Our flagship solution is a 30x10m system with a growing area of 150m2 that can be increased to 175m2 of growing area. Many configuration options exist in terms of deep water culture(DWC) vs media beds. One can have only DWC or only media beds or a combination of the 2 types. If only lettuce were grown in DWC beds and a strict sowing plan followed, this system could produce around 950 lettuce heads per week,  more than a ton of produce per month (assuming the environment is controlled and a strict sowing/seedling production plan is followed).

This system can be duplicated to form a modular large scale aquaponics farm. A modular approach has many benefits. These include:

  • No single point of failure 
  • Better control over nutrient delivery
  • Multi crop farming
  • Better control over disease and pests

It includes the following:

2 x large 3600l fish tanks

1 x large radial flow filter

1 x mineralisation tank

1 x Distribution tank

25 x 5000x1200x250mm grow beds 

1 x 30x10m greenhouse

1 x Water pump

2 x air pumps (one for DWC and another for the fish tanks)

Cinder blocks for raised grow beds


Installation (Gauteng - South Africa)